Owner of Ripple in Cardiff hits out at rude customers and asks for ‘compassion and understanding’

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She said colleagues have had to deal with ‘too many rude customers’

Bronte Howard

By Bronte Howard

The owner of Ripple in Cardiff said staff have been forced to deal with “too many” rude customers and is urging shoppers to be compassionate and understanding.

Sophie Rae, owner of Ripple in Roath, Cardiff, has taken to Facebook to urge members of the public to not take their frustrations out on staff members.

She said colleagues have had to deal with “too many rude customers” over the past few days and is asking everyone to “act with compassion and understanding”.

Ripple opened on Albany Road in 2018 and was Cardiff’s first not for profit zero-waste shop. In 2019, the store was expanded and a second store selling home and lifestyle items opened next door.

On Ripple’s Facebook page, Sophie wrote: “As Wales gets ready to go into a strict lockdown, I feel the need to once again remind everyone to take responsibility for the energy you bring into retail spaces this week.

“The team have gracefully dealt with too many rude customers over the last few days. And I’m here to say firmly, it will NOT be tolerated.

“I know everyone is restless, fearful and confused. I know, because we are too. But channel your frustration towards the inept UK government, where it belongs.

“So, here’s your reminder that we’re a small indie biz, doing our best in a global crisis, and if you have to queue outside because of enforced social distancing, forgo an item because we’re out of stock, or pass up on a large amount of a product because we’re making sure everyone has a fair share, DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON STAFF.

“No one is exempt from these rules. Just as no one is exempt from catching Covid and facing the potentially fatal consequences.

“I’m asking everyone to remember the reason why we’re running the stores differently, then take a deep breath and act with compassion and understanding.

“Ripple will always be a welcoming and safe space for our customers, but we expect it and demand it for our team too.”

The Facebook post was met with messages support from hundreds of shoppers,

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